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Our Advantage

Strong manufacturing scale

Brand advantage/three major production bases

Asia Fuji integrates technology, engineering, services and other resources of Japan Fuji Elevator in mainland China,Subsequently,established production bases in Shaoyang, Hunan and Linyi, Shandong, and the products and marketing services market radiated nationwide.And for many years, it has won the honorary title of “Top Ten Elevator Brands” in China.

Integrated technology research and development system

R&D Center / Elevator Test Tower / Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

Asia Fuji Elevator focus on technological innovation and product development,extensively carry out "production, learning, research" cooperation, establish a R&D center and a good talent reserve system.

Excellent quality, smart manufacturing

Integrated quality control system / top intelligent manufacturing equipment

Asia Fuji actively introduces the world's top elevator industrial intelligent manufacturing equipment, equipped with advanced production management and integrated quality control system.

Quality service system

Customer service/elevator IOT system

“Let the customer feel safety and security ” is the service tenet that Fuji has always practiced.Asia Fuji established a nationwide marketing service system,elevator Internet of Things (IOT) platform provides special service advantages such as elevator timely maintenance, status detection, remote monitoring, early warning and rescue.Provide the pre-sale service to customize economic and reasonable solutions, and the quality of service has won the trust of customers.



Company news | 2019-10-30

近日,亚洲富士电梯成功中标新疆乌鲁木齐米东区金穗苑小区续建工程37台电梯项目,助力米东区建设美丽乡村,百姓共享幸福家园。 …

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与家乡人民心连心 做“最美”的企业

Company news | 2019-10-17

在第六个国家“扶贫日”来临之际,亚洲富士电梯为邵阳县贫困地区捐赠100万元,被邵阳县委、县政府授予“最美扶贫企业”称号。 …

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Company news | 2019-09-29

近日,在新中国即将迎来70周年华诞之际,亚洲富士电梯成功中标桑植高铁站电梯项目。这座外形设计为蝴蝶状的高铁站,承载着带领当地经济“破茧成蝶、展翅高飞”的历史使命。 …

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