IOT opens the era of elevator intelligence

What is the elevator IoT system?

Elevator IOT system is based on the IOT technology. Through the collection of elevator operation data and real-time monitoring, it realizes Emergency response mechanism for elevator failure automatic alarm, elevator emergency rescue and video comfort ,and established a remote comprehensive supervision platform for implementing elevator maintenance supervision and assessment.

Advantage function

Based on the elevator IoT platform, Asia Fuji realized the controllable management of the elevators entire life cycle. The maintenance department can receive the “health status” transmitted by the elevator in time to remind them to maintain in time. The monitoring center realized 24-hour remote real-time monitoring to improve accident prevention. The elevator supervision department can share the big data information platform to realize the innovation of the elevator safety supervision mode. At the same time, through big data analysis, it can predict the running status and replacement time of accessories in time.

Remote Monitoring Alarm of Trapped in Elevator

24hours remote real-time monitoring ,once the elevator out of order, it can on-line to the site in real time,to comfort passengers,and automatically sending the elevator failure signal to the maintenance personnel, insure they could get the failure information and failure type,and go to the site at the first time

Condition Monitoring &Maintenance Reminders

With big data analysis, to predict the running status of elevator accessories more precisely and replacement time. It will reminder the maintenance personnel to repair and maintenance the specify elevator per half month,seasons,half year,one year,in order to ensure the elevator operate normally .

Maintenance Records &Maintenance Monitoring

The APP will save the maintenance records and photos, and realize the way that supervision department supervise elevator.

Information inquiry

Consumers can scan the QR code to search elevator and components information and the history of maintenance records.

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