Modular Mounting Elevator

Asia Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. Creates Green Wisdom Community with You

Asia Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. Creates Green Wisdom Community with You

The green smart community refers to a modern living community that has certain hardware facilities that meet environmental protection requirements and realizes digital, networked, intelligent, interactive, and collaborative. Asia Fuji aims to achieve a safer, more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable community life vision, launching the "Smart Cabin" module and installing elevator products to enhance the quality of life of residents communities.

Service advantage

Comfortable design of human nature born for love

Color Braille Enlargement Button

Care Service Floor Setting

Seatable Care Armrest

Negative Ion Air Purification Car

One-Stop Fast Installation Service saves you time and care

30 days to submit for construction examination and approval

0 Error Measurement Design

Module Factory Prefabrication Site

Over 30 Site Construction Systems

Complete the hoisting connection in 3hours

Installation completed in 7 days

Depending on local conditions, save land

Provide flexible and versatile solutions to maximize saving space.

The material is extremely selected , be stable

Steel structure elevator adopts domestic famous brand enterprise carbon structural steel,and The elevator car is made of American ASTM standard 304 chrome-nickel stainless steel.

24-hour early warning reminds localized quick maintenance

Thousands of Installation Service Engineers Team

Over 300 Strict Installation After-Sale Standards

24h IOT remote Warning

3-hour elevator parts supply circle

Module Mounted Elevator Appearance

Depending on the appearance and age of the building, we offer a variety of structural and decorative solutions for the user to choose from, in order to make the building and the elevator seamlessly as well as to enhance the appearance of the building.

Multicolored aluminium facade

Waterborne wall paint facade

High-grade exterior wall tiles

Panoramic Explosion-proof Glass

More Diversified Home-to-Home Connection

According to the actual situation of the building and the principle of maximum convenience, the installation of elevators can be divided into two types of housekeeping (horizontal and staggered half-storey housekeeping) and five flexible connection modes to meet the diverse needs of users, so that the old building can be reborn.

Half-level household entry

Half-level household entry

Asian Fuji Intelligent Modular Mounting Elevator installation service flow chart

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